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Jaden England
Jaden England
Pre-K 4 Aide
903-582-5974 ext. 132

My name is Jaden England and this is my 2nd year to work at MSA. I will be working as a Pre-K 4 Aide and will also be coaching the volleyball and track team. My goal for the year is to spread a positive christ-like attitude to all of my studnets and coworkers. 

I am a twin mom to two curly-haired 13 month olds! I will soon be married to my best friend of the past 4 years. I came from Van Alstyne, and have called Bonhma my home for the past 2 years. I am a artist and love to glorify God in any way that I can with my artwork. 

I have completed some coursework at Grayson County Commuity College, but am currently working on becoming a secondary art teacher. 

My Favorites: 

Candy: chocolate
Snack: I’m a sucker for all baked goods
Drink: coffee
Activity: running and painting
Supplies: binders
Scent: vanilla, pumpkin spice
Restaurant: zenna and