2017-2018 Tuition and Fees

INFANTS (6 weeks to 12 months)                                                                 Tuition Rates

5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)                                                                               $567/month

3 Day Program-M, W, F (8:30-3:00)                                                                  $342/month

2 Day Program-T, Th (8:30-3:00)                                                                       $226/month

TODDLERS & PRESCHOOL (12 months to 3 years)

5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)                                                                                 $503/month

3 Day Program-M, W, F (8:30-3:00)                                                                    $324/month

*2 Day Program-T, Th (8:30-3:00)                                                                       $216/month

    *2 day program is only available for infants and toddlers.

A deposit equal to one month tuition is required for infant and toddler programs.  This deposit will be applied to your last monthly payment.

PK-3 & PK-4

5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)                                                                          $4,496/annually*

3 Day Program-M, W, F (8:30-3:00)                                                            $3,031/annually*


5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)                                                                          $5,639/annually*


5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)                                                                          $6,245/annually*

*Tuition is based on the regular school calendar.  Our school calendar will be similar to the Bonham ISD calendar and will begin the end of August and go through the first part of June.

EXTENDED CARE (6:30 AM-8:30 AM & 3:00 PM-6:00 PM) 

Extended Care charges are due at the beginning of each month and are not indcluded in the above tuition. 

5 Day Program                                   $152/month 3 and up                  $180/month under 3

3 Day Program-M, W, F                      $93/month 3 and up                   $122/month under 3

2 Day Program-T, Th                          $65/month 3 and up                    $77/month under 3



New Student Enrollment Fee                                                                     $15

Re-enrollment Fee                                                                                     $10

Supply Fee (Transition and Up)                                                                 $50/ Annually

Transportation Fee (For Pick-up at local elementary schools)                  $25/Month

Technology Fee (5th Grade and Up)                                                          $100/Annually

Meal Plan (Optional for K-8th)                                                                    $40/Month

Activity Fees (applies to those who participate only)                       varies based on activity



Payment Plan

Payment plans are managed by a third pary and require an annual plan enrollment fee.  We have a variety of payment plans to fit your needs including annual, bi-annual and monthly plans.