2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

INFANTS (6 weeks to 18 months)                                                                 Tuition Rates

5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)                                                                               $567/month

3 Day Program-M, W, F (8:30-3:00)                                                                  $342/month

2 Day Program-T, Th (8:30-3:00)                                                                       $226/month

TODDLERS & PRESCHOOL (18 months to 3 years)

5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)                                                                                 $503/month

3 Day Program-M, W, F (8:30-3:00)                                                                    $324/month

A deposit of $250 (part-time) and $400 (full-time) is required for infant and toddler programs.  This deposit will be applied to your last monthly payment.

PK-3 & PK-4

5 Day Program (8:00-3:00)                                                                          $4,600/annually*

Half Day Program (8:00-11:30)                                                                   $3,100/annually*


5 Day Program (8:00-3:00)                                                                          $5,750/annually*


5 Day Program (8:00-3:00)                                                                          $6,450/annually*

*Tuition is based on the regular school calendar and includes enrollment, fieldtrip, supply and technology fees.

EXTENDED CARE (6:30 AM-8:30 AM & 3:00 PM-6:00 PM) 

Extended Care charges are due at the beginning of each month and are not indcluded in the above tuition. 

5 Day Program                                   $152/month 3 and up                  $180/month under 3

3 Day Program-M, W, F                      $93/month 3 and up                   $122/month under 3

2 Day Program-T, Th                          $65/month 3 and up                    $77/month under 3

Holiday Rate (PK3 and Up)                  $30/day 8:00-3:00                      $35/day 6:30-6:00

Students enrolled full time in extended care receive a $10/day discount off the holiday rates


New Student Enrollment Fee (Infants-Transition & Extended Care)         $15/Annually

Re-enrollment Fee (Infants-Transition & Extended Care)                         $10/Annually

Transportation Fee (For Pick-up at local elementary schools)                  $25/Month

Meal Plan (Optional for K-8th)                                                                    $40/Month

Activity Fees (applies to those who participate only)                       varies based on activity

Alternate Day Drop-In                                                                                 $ 25/day

Extended Care Drop-In (before/afterschool)            $10/day 3 and up       $15/day under 3



Payment Plan

Payment plans are managed by a third pary and require an annual plan enrollment fee.  We have a variety of payment plans to fit your needs including annual, bi-annual and monthly plans.